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This Changes Everything
Capitalism Vs. The Climate
The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism
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September 15: Toronto September 16: Montreal September 18: New York

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Please note that Naomi is on deadline for a new book and has to limit her travel, speaking and media schedule through early 2013, so she can concentrate on her research and writing. She is always appreciative of your many messages of support and insight, but unfortunately for the next few months she will be unable to respond personally. Thanks so much for your understanding.

Please send media inquiries, event requests, and reprint permissions questions to Naomi's executive assistant, Jackie Joiner at

If you are a member of a U.S. university group and you want to bring Naomi Klein to your U.S. campus, please get in touch with Naomi's U.S. university speaking agent, Bob Davis at

Please click here for Naomi's authorized biography and headshot with photographer credit.

For all general questions or inquiries related to Naomi's books/articles/websites, please email Rajiv Sicora at

You can follow Naomi on Twitter and she is also on Facebook.

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