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On Fire
The (Burning) Case for a Green New Deal

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“Fiercely committed, totally brainy and one of our most stellar exports, Naomi Klein has done more to bring leftist politics to a new generation than any other writer in the world.”
—Now Magazine

“An intelligently written and superbly reported account of a culture that has moved from selling products to hawking brands . . . A couple of chapters in, your mind is already reeling. Klein can write: favouring informality and crispness over jargon . . .convincing and necessary, clear and fresh, calm but unsparing.”
—The Guardian

“A riveting conscientious piece of journalism and a call to arms. Packed with enlightening statistics and extraordinary anecdotal evidence, No Logo is fluent, undogmatically alive to the contradictions and omissions, and positively seethes with intelligent anger.”
—The Observer

“A movement bible”
—The New York Times

“Naomi Klein's trenchant new the very essence of cool.”
—The Globe and Mail

“Nothing short of a complete, user-friendly handbook on the negative effects that '90s uberbrand marketing has had on culture, work and consumer choice.... No Logo may itself be one of the anticorporate movement's best hopes yet.”
—The Village Voice

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